Experienced home, kitchen, bathroom and basement remodeler

If you live in Howard County, Columbia, Ellicott City, or Clarksville, Maryland you already know the Allan Homes Unlimited name as an experienced home, kitchen, bathroom and basement remodeler and home improvement and remodeling expert.

For over 40 years, we’ve built a reputation for quality and attention to detail. We’re a premier full-service home improvement and remodeling company serving the Baltimore-Washington DC market. Services include the repair or replacement of anything related to your home.

Design/Repair/Replacement Home Services:

Need windows, doors, floors, a sunroom, media room or deck/patio?

As a Howard County, Maryland remodeler and home improvement contractor, Allan Homes Unlimited has the experience and know-how to design and build your project within your budget.

Give your home some WOW

Increase your home value by turning it into the “WOW House” of the neighborhood. You’ve found the neighborhood you want to live in.

The one with the best schools, closest location to work and close to everything you need.

There’s only one problem. The old rancher you just bought is over 20 years old and need a lot of work to make it comfortable for you and your family to live in.

Don’t worry. Allan Homes Unlimited can show you how to transform the old home you just bought into your dream home. All at a cost that will save you money and build equity in your new home. In fact, we even have a Do-It-Yourself program that lets you save more money by paying directly for certain building supplies.

Discover The Design-Build Difference

Design-Build is a method of project delivery in which the builder or home improvement contractor signs a single contract accepting full responsibility for both design and construction services of your remodeling project.

What are the benefits of Design-Build?

The benefits to be gained in establishing a well-designed and managed Design-Build process include the following:

Singular Responsibility

With both design and construction in the hands of a single company, there is a single point of responsibility for quality, architectural oversight, cost and schedule adherence. The design-builder objective is to deliver a successful project by fulfilling multiple parallel objectives, including aesthetic and functional quality, budget, and schedule for timely completion. With design-build, you can focus on scope/needs definition and timely decision-making, rather than on coordination between designer and builder.


The singularized responsibility inherent in design-build serves as a motivation for quality and proper project performance. The Design-Builder warrants to the Owner that it will produce design documents that are complete and free from error. (By contrast, the “Traditional” design-bid-build, the Owner warrants to the Contractor that the drawings specifications are complete and free from error. Because it is the Owner’s warranty for the design documents under design-bid-build, the traditional approach relies on restrictive contract language audit and inspection and occasionally, the legal system, to ensure final project quality.)

Cost Savings

Design and construction personnel, working and communicating as a team, evaluate alternative materials and methods efficiently and accurately. Value engineering and constructability are utilized continuously and more effectively when the designers and contractors work as one team during the entire design process.