Custom Home Building

Building a custom home gives you the opportunity to design a more personal home for your needs and style. It can also provide space for the future with a growing family in mind. When you build a custom home with Allan Homes, we make sure to add all the little details that give your home personal flare.

From crown molding to each and every doorknob our custom homes are built with the homeowner’s vision in mind throughout the entire process.

creating the blueprints for a custom home


Before we can build your dream home, we must understand what you envision. This is where we sit down and discuss the layout and style of home you what to build. This is where we make the major decisions such as the budget, size, floorplans, number of rooms, materials, and more, that will go into your new home.

We are happy to guide you through this process as it can be overwhelming and unfamiliar. After we have a better understanding of your dream home, we will turn that into an actual design for you to view. This is also where we create blueprints for the structural engineering and framework that will be the foundation of your home.

picking and preparing a lot to build a home on

Site Preparation

After the design has been approved, the next steps involve preparing the site for construction. We can build on an existing plot of land, but if you do not own a lot yet we can assist in securing the land with you. We also will obtain the permits for building and make sure there are no architectural restrictions for the area. Surveying the land will help us decide where on the plot to place the house along with the permits.

a couple exploring the build site for their new home


After all of the necessary preparations have been completed, we can begin construction! The timeline will depend on the complexity and size of the home. While the foundation and framework are being constructed, there are more decisions to be made about materials and furnishings. Picking out countertops, lighting fixtures, cabinets, flooring, and so on, is just as overwhelming as the planning phase.

We typically assist during this process as well, as picking out each and every sink and faucet for the entire house can be a daunting task with the countless options to pick from. After construction is done, and every detail is in order, it will be time to turn the keys over and enjoy your new home.

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